Cinema and Residential Building RiffRaff 3+4 Zurich

A short time after its opening, RiffRaff 1+2 expanded. Once again, open projection allowed for considerable space savings, with the distorted reflection now forming the restaurant’s ceiling ornamentation. In the large hall, the projection itself becomes a part of the room’s architecture in the form of moving “video wall paper.” The apartments on the top floors combine elements of urban middle class apartments with open space typologies. The hallways in the apartments become central squares along which the rooms are aligned. Through an open bath without toilet, a second path is set up through the apartment, interweaving the kitchen with the living room. The large windows seem to magnify the urban scenery as they draw it into the living room.

Location: Zurich

Project: 1999–2001

Realization: 2001–2002

Client: Neugass Kino AG, Zürich; Lifä AG, Zurich

Meili, Peter Architekten: Marcel Meili, Markus Peter

Zeno Vogel

In cooperation with: Staufer & Hasler Architekten, Frauenfeld


ENGINEERS: Karl Dillier, Seuzach

BUILDING TECHNOLOGY: Ernst Basler + Partner, Zollikon

CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT: Gianesi & Hofmann, Zumikon


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Zürich wird gebaut Ein Führer zur zeitgenössischen Architektur 1990-2010

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ground plans: fIrst floor with bistro, airspace foyer and large cinema, basement with small and large cinemas and foyer

ground Plans: apartments, second, third, and fourth floors

apartments fifth floor

longitudinal section through bistro, small and large cinemas, apartments

Cross section, façade east courtyard side

Façade design (airbrush)

Street façade with color glazing

court façade with color glazing

Large cinema with sideward projection as «film carpet»

bistro with the film image projected onto the ceiling, foyer with transmitted projection